Who is this girl? Does she even know she is placed on tons of advertisements, billboards, busses and such? How did she got lured into this trap? Does she even make a living out of this? Does her mother know?
Marjolein de Swart
Graphic Designer
ThisGirlIsEverywhere.com is founded by Marjolein de Swart (Graphic Designer) and Michiel Verweij (Motion Graphic Designer).
Because of our jobs we are looking for material from stock-sites quite often. We noticed this ‘girl next door’-type model very frequently, and started noticing her images were being used in a lot of advertisements and designs. It became bizarre how often her pictures are being used, even in other countries we were visiting. So we thought we’d share this with the world, and ask people from all around the globe to send in their findings. We will never look at advertisements the same way.

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